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Logo of Moonrock Capital a European Crypto VC
TUM Web3 Research Lab is a department of TU Munich


Together, we convert concepts into investable startups and empower Web3 enthusiasts to evolve into determined founders.

Applications for the first cohort 2024 are now closed! Stay tuned for updates!

Accelerating Munich

Each year we will accelerate two cohorts of the most promising applicants.

Education for participtans of the MunichX program

Being prepared is key. You have a brilliant idea, but lack important knowledge of how to successfully bringing them to market. We will teach you the do's and dont's.

Smart Network
Network  for participtans of the MunichX program

Your network is your net worth. Via access to our network, we will make sure to find the right investors and partners for you, laying the foundation for accelerated growth.

Mentoring  for participtans of the MunichX program

Navigating the Web3 market is anything but easy. Our well experienced mentors will work hand in hand with you on solution-focused strategies to cope with it.

In-Person  for participtans of the MunichX program

Building trust and a deep relationship with you is more than a concept for us; it's a guiding principle. Therefore we will not only organize an in-person pitching day but also one-on-one meetings and regular gatherings.

Funding  for participtans of the MunichX program

We will provide your startup with capital to bootstrap your idea. On top of that, we will leverage our connections to bring in value adding capital.

Marketing  for participtans of the MunichX program
Community Growth

Marketing and a healthy community are essential elements for every single successful Web3 business. We will deliver it via our expertise and proven strategies.


Logo of TUM Web3 Research Lab
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Professor Paul P. Momtaz

Prof. Dr. Paul P. Momtaz

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Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, TUM Munich

Jakob Neumann

Jakob Neumann

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Crypto and Blockchain Tax Advisor 

Markus Kaulartz

Markus Kaulartz

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Lawyer for IT and Crypto, Partner at CMS

Martin El-Khouri


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Head of B3-THE HUB, Bertelsmann Investments

  • What is MunichX?
    MunichX is an accelerator organized by Moonrock Capital, an investment boutique based in Munich that is dedicated to the Web3 space and TUM Web3 Research Lab, which bundles Germany’s most productive blockchain researchers and provides teaching, talent sourcing, and advisory for students, companies, and policymakers, respectively. The accelerator program aims to support and back Web3 pioneers by providing financial resources, extensive expertise, and a network to assist founders in prioritizing their technological development.
  • What is Moonrock Capital's background in the Web3 space?
    Moonrock Capital has been committed to the Web3 domain since early 2017 and was established in 2019 to support and back Web3 talents and founder. With over 100 portfolio companies and 5 fully incubated projects developed from the ground up, Moonrock Capital has a proven track record in various areas, including crafting comprehensive strategies, designing token economics, managing fundraising campaigns, and devising effective go-to-market strategies.
  • Why was MunichX created?
    MunichX Accelerator was created for several reasons: To accelerate Web3 adoption in Germany, especially in Munich. To provide a dedicated space for Web3 entrepreneurs in Munich to acquire entrepreneurial skills and build their startups. To encourage talented founders to stay in Munich rather than seeking opportunities elsewhere.
  • What types of startups does MunichX support?
    MunichX supports early-stage (pre-seed / seed) startups that are working on tokenized solutions. At least one of the founders should be based in Munich, and full-time commitment is expected.
  • How long does the accelerator program last?
    The accelerator program lasts for three months, divided into specific phases as follows: Week 0: Application process Week 1-4: Onboarding & education Week 5-8: Mentoring Week 7-8: Access to Network Week 9: Pitching Week (in-person workshop in Munich) Week 10-12: Start Fundraising Ongoing: Alumni Program & Support
  • What is the application process for MunichX?
    The application process is divided into four sections: Applications: Collecting applications from Munich's Web3 startups that meet the criteria. Applications should include background information about the founders, materials explaining the vision, business plan, and roadmap. Due Diligence: Evaluating the selected projects for product-market fit and long-term benefits to the Web3 space. Interviews: Assessing the founders' abilities to deliver on their vision and motivations. Selection: Choosing up to 5 promising eligible Web3 startups to participate in the accelerator.
  • How does the mentoring phase work?
    During the critical phase of mentorship (Week 5-8), we deeply engage with the startups to enhance their product market fit and refine their business model for peak performance. We actively collaborate to optimize token economics and key metrics, offer expert guidance on fundraising and pitch strategies, implement essential adjustments to the business model, and skillfully identify and address any challenges that may arise. Our comprehensive approach empowers these startups to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in their market endeavors.
  • What happens after the accelerator program ends?
    After completing the accelerator program, founders become part of the Alumni network and continue to receive support and access to resources from Moonrock Capital. The aim is to help the startups become independent and self-sustainable while still offering ongoing support as needed.
  • Can startups from outside Munich apply for the accelerator program?
    While the accelerator focuses on startups with at least one founder based in Munich, it is possible for startups from outside Munich to apply. However, priority will be given to startups with a strong connection to Munich's Web3 ecosystem.
  • How often does MunichX run its program?
    MunichX runs two cohorts each year, providing opportunities for the most promising Web3 startups to participate in the program.
  • How can I stay updated on MunichX's activities?
    You can stay updated on MunichX's activities by subscribing to our mailing list. Regular announcements and updates about the accelerator program will be shared via email.
  • Do I need my own idea to participate in MunichX?
    No, if you are a skilled Web3 enthusiast, have always been passionate about the subject, and we recognize potential in you as a founder, we will provide you with a list of ideas and collaboratively develop a suitable project from scratch with you.
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